I didn't get all of last week's recipes done since we had a busy week, and the kids had dinner and/or snacks at evening VBS so I didn't feel the need to cook so much. Hubby smoked a bunch of ribs on Saturday so I've been coasting on those leftovers, along with the last of the Pasta Fazool and Chilis Rellenos (for breakfast!) I'll be finishing up last week's menu and adding a couple of new recipes if necessary.

  • 4 Breakfasts
  • 3 Side Dishes
  • 1 Dinner, tripled; extra 2 meals will add to Freezer Cooking inventory
  • 1 Large Batch of Sauce, Fermented Food or Prepared Ingredient (i.e. tomato sauce, shredded potatoes, dried fruit) to supplement Quick and Easy Meals
  • 1 Breakfast-for-Dinner
  • 1 Dessert, doubled; extra dessert will add to Freezer Cooking inventory
  • 1 Large Batch of Snack Food for sack lunches or traveling
For a complete list of everything I try to cook in one week, see my Menu for June 23-29.
I'll do my best to update the links throughout the week. Check back often, here and on Facebook!

Side Dishes
  • Tuesday: I'm thinking some kind of veggie-filled salad using Napa cabbage -- I have a lot to use!
  • Thursday: Ensalata Caprese on kebabs

Freezer Cooking
  • Thursday: Italian Three-Bean and Sausage Casserole

Quick and Easy Meals
  • Seasoned Ground Beef
I'll cook several pounds of ground beef to put away in the freezer, so I can pull out small amounts whenever I want to add some to a recipe. I season it well while it cooks, with a good amount of salt, pepper and if I have any, fresh garlic, otherwise I use garlic powder.
  • Tuesday: Crockpot Shepherd's Pie
  • Saturday: Tunisian-Style Chili

I like to do this when possible to try out a new breakfast recipe so I know what needs to be tweaked before I cook it early in the morning, when I won't be able to keep a constant eye on it.
  • Wednesday: Torrijas (Spanish-Style French Toast)


Snack Food

I need some ideas for my Napa cabbage! Have you ever used it and what did you make with it?


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